Vintage report 2013

2013 has been a fantastic growing season for Ridgeview.

The year began with delayed bud burst due to quite a cold winter, which lessened the period that we were at risk of frost. We had a very warm start to the summer which meant that we had perfect conditions for flowering, resulting in an excellent and very even fruit set. The good weather carried through the season with a particularly hot and dry summer which was great for flavour profile.

We began harvesting Ridgeview grapes on 21st of October, around ten days later than normal which was to be expected because of the delayed start to the season. The yields have been good and consistent with our past 15 vintages. Due to rain in September and October the sugar levels came in a little lower than expected, however the acidity was excellent for sparkling wine production.

The most exciting aspect of the 2013 harvest is the flavour of the base wines, full of phenolic ripeness balanced with crisp and clean acidity. We attribute this mature flavour of the juice down to the very long warm summer creating a unique, balanced profile that is quite stunning.

The 2013 vintage is of very good size which we anticipate will produce fantastic sparkling wines due for release around 2016.

Ridgeview, 30/10/13 15:12

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