Charity Close to our Hearts

This Sunday members of the Ridgeview family will be taking part in the Sussex Heart Charity annual sponsored walk. The 5 mile walk along the Brighton seafront to Hove, from Brighton Marina raises money for this fantastic charity which is close to our hearts here at Ridgeview.

The Sussex Heart Charity supports the brilliant Sussex Heart ward where our founder Mike Roberts was cared for towards the end of his life and his son Simon, Ridgeview’s head winemaker, received a life-saving heart valve replacement in 2015. Last year, a member of the Ridgeview team was able to save a local life by using their CPR skills on a person who had collapsed in the street.

We feel incredibly proud of the work undertaken by the Sussex Heart charity which includes the installation of 170 automated external defibrillators, saving lives all over Sussex. If an automated external defibrillator is used quickly after Sudden Cardiac Arrest (along with CPR) the chances of survival increase to in excess of 50%.

The annual walk will be raising money for ​several ​new projects, ​which ​include ​​Recovery ​After ​Surgery ​service and automated external defibrillators ​at ​all ​railway ​stations ​throughout ​Sussex.​ We love the fact that monies raised will ​be ​used ​directly ​to ​benefit ​cardiac ​patients ​and ​their ​families ​in ​Sussex. There is still time to register and join us on this sponsored walk for Sussex Heart Charity or support us by donating to this worthy cause.