Going Underground – Our New Wine Cellar

Well, that’s a big hole!  Actually 3.5 meters below ground. Just as well as it needs to house over a million bottles during their important lees aging process.

Why build a wine cellar?

All our wines are made in the traditional method which means each and every bottle has its own secondary fermentation after which a process of lees aging takes place to improve the quality of the wine.   This can take anything from 15 months to 10+ years, which means we have to have space for numerous harvests to be cellared at any one time. The perfect conditions for this process is at a constant, cool temperature without daylight and very limited hours of artificial light and this is exactly what a cellar provides.  It is also the most sustainable way of achieving these conditions with no need for air conditioning systems to be run  24 hours a day 365 days per year – costly to the environment and the pocket long term.

Cellars do not come cheap however, the cost of this one is approximately 30% of the total build cost so you can understand why they are unusual in English Sparkling Wine Industry and wine trade generally.

Stay tuned for the next instalment of our build.