What to read in lockdown

Einstein might very well have been talking about wine when he said, “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.”! But armed with a few of these books you’ll know enough to sip confidently and impress your friends at your next dinner party… when we can finally entertain again.


The World Atlas of Wine (8th Edition)

A complete classic that no wine lover should be without. Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinsons’ work is not only packed full of some of the finest wine cartography and stunning photography, but this is also an essential reference tome that you’ll find yourself returning to time-and-again.

Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine

Including everything from region maps and wine style information to how to store, serve and pair your wines – this unstuffy guide is the perfect introduction for those new to wine. Full of easy to understand and fun infographics, making it as approachable as it is informative.

101 Champagnes and Other Sparkling Wines to Try Before You Die

If you’re partial to a glass or two of fizz, this brilliant book by the amazing Davy Zyw is lots of fun with incredible recommendations of the best sparkling wines from around the globe.

Drink more Fizz!

A gorgeous celebration of everything sparkling by Brighton local Jonathon Ray as he takes you through 100 of the world’s greatest Champagnes and sparkling wines to drink with abandon.

A Celebration of English Wine

Liz Sagues provides a fantastic introduction to English Wine, from the winemaking Romans through to current day producers. Not just a reference guide, this book gives fascinating glimpses into the stories behind the wines, taking readers on a tour of this country’s most significant producers.

Wines of Great Britain 

Written by Stephen Skelton MW, the leading expert on English Wine. Stephen covers in great detail the history of the exciting growth in our industry with unparalleled insider knowledge. Stephen focuses on the last 21 years with incredible detail making this indispensable to English wine enthusiasts.

The Essential Guide to English Wine

A pocket-size guide from the wonderfully enthusiastic husband and wife MW’s Susie & Peter. This covers all the key topics, from climate change to wine tourism, with profiles on all the top producers.

Christie’s Encyclopaedia of Champagne and Sparkling Wine  

The fourth edition of this beautiful compendium by Tom Stevenson and Essi Avellan is absolutely packed with info on production methods, history and the wines of over 2,000 sparkling wine producers from Champagne to China.

Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Guide 2020

Now it is 43rd year and always an invaluable pocket tool for the best wines on the market. A global wine legend, that we are pleased to call a friend of Ridgeview, Hugh provides the essential reference book for anyone that enjoys buying and drinking wine.

Le Nez du Vin

Okay, so we’re cheating here; although this stunning set does include a guidebook and reference cards, the main attraction is a set of 54 aromas, from apple and acacia to vanilla and violet. A wonderful wine tasting aroma kit, this is the perfect companion to enhance your knowledge and help you discern some of the most common wine aromas. We also find it makes for a bit of a talking point with your fellow wine-loving friends.

Happy reading, don’t forget, all are best enjoyed with a glass of wine in hand!

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