What is Cellar Door?


A vineyard shop, tasting room, bottle shop or wine bar … at Ridgeview we hear all manner of phrases used when talking about our facilities. The term that resonates most strongly with us however is “Cellar Door”. The term “Cellar Door” quite simply comes from the history of wineries past, when wine samples were first offered for tasting from winery premises. Whilst the name has stuck, the setting of our informal samplings and tastings has come on since the early days of the Cellar Door – don’t expect to be tasting wines in a darkened underground room anymore!

At Ridgeview our Cellar Door has the benefit of being separate from, but with great views of, our winery and has a spectacular vista overlooking the vineyards and gorgeous South Downs beyond. Our cellar door is the place to come for a glimpse behind the scenes, to try our award-winning wines for yourself with complimentary tastings, meet our passionate team or learn more about our history and how we make our wines with our ever-popular wine tours.

One of the greatest benefits of a cellar door though, is the ability to “try before you buy”, offering you the opportunity to compare different grapes, blends and vintages, you can explore your personal preferences and discover new favourites. To get the most out of your tasting ask questions – there’s no such thing as a silly question and we love talking to our visitors about all things wine! The cellar door is more than just a place to experience wine though.

At Ridgeview we also curate a range of exclusive special events throughout the year designed to give our visitors another way to experience Ridgeview. From Yoga Brunches to Chef Pop-ups and even our own music festival, we aren’t afraid to break the mould of what might be considered a “traditional” vineyard and winery offering.

And to leave you with one piece of advice, next time you encounter a cellar door, don’t be afraid of simply turning up and saying “Hi, I’d like to taste some of your wines! How do tastings work here?” because after all that is what we’re here for.