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Sustainability starts with people

There’s a lot more to Ridgeview than meets the eye. We are proud pioneers of the English wine industry, with a deep-rooted social mission that goes far beyond this.

As a purpose-driven, family business, we have a skyward vision to match the quality and dedication we devote to our wine, with our commitment to a positive social impact. Thanks to our passionate customers, partners and employees, Ridgeview’s trailblazing work continues to lead and inspire.

Here’s how we live that change…


Table Talk Foundation Food Education

Ridgeview are active participants in the community and cares deeply about the individuals within it.

We have a focus charity of the year, which for 2022 is a renewed partnership with Table Talk Foundation.

You can find out more about their inspirational food education programme for children in Sussex and support for the wider hospitality industry here.

Ridgeview regularly support local and national charitable organisations and fundraising events through bottle donations, raffle prizes and hosting charity events at our estate.


Ridgeview are proud sponsors of community sport including Burgess Hill Cricket Club and Burgess Hill Rugby Club.

We are delighted that our wines are awarded to players of the match to celebrate skill, success and hard work.

Ridgeview at Burgess Hill Cricket Club's Softball Competition
Community Hero Awards

Ridgeview were delighted to sponsor the Sussex Community Hero Award at the Sussex Business Awards 2021.

It was an honour to celebrate individuals who went above and beyond for their community during the pandemic.


Ridgeview champions our employees’ endeavours to support causes close to their heart. We are vibrant, diverse and dynamic team, with a caring culture of social responsibility who believe in doing business for good.

We run a number of charitable initiatives together as a team, like our staff raffles, foodbank donations and annual activity challenge, a charity initiative masterminded by our CEO, Tamara Roberts.

Our team set personal activity goals which Ridgeview rewards by donating to a monthly charity of choice when they hit their target together.

Ridgeview's Activity Challenge

It’s important to Ridgeview that we enable our team members to support charities that are personal to their own background, story and values. That’s why we offer a payroll giving scheme and will be launching Volunteering Days in 2022, providing staff with paid time off to take part in charitable activities close to their hearts.

“Businesses, like people, thrive when they genuinely embrace and support their local community.  There is no set formula and sometimes the smallest gestures can make the biggest difference to your employees and neighbourhood. Creating an environment within which giving back is highly valued and actively encouraged is hugely important and rewarding.”

– Tamara Roberts, Ridgeview’s CEO


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