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Why? In a nutshell, we’re serious about sustainability.

B Corp is an accreditation for purpose-driven businesses and B stands for ‘Benefit for all’. Balancing people, planet and profit (B Corp’s core philosophy) has always been a part of our DNA, so being a B Corp feels like home.

We’re part of a change-making community of the world’s most innovative and inspirational brands, blazing a trail for sustainable business around the globe.


How our B Corp Journey Began


We are on a journey, a constantly evolving pathway towards a more sustainable future that balances people, planet and profit. Our 2023 B Corp Impact Report serves as a benchmark from which we will continue to move the dial and we remain committed to advance our sustainability efforts, year on year.


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Setting new standards for sustainable growing and production is paramount and we are proud that both our vineyard and winery are accredited under the Wines GB Sustainability scheme.

Initiatives in the vines include cover crop bio-diversity, improving soil structure as well as encouraging natural grape pests and reducing use of herbicides. In the winery, our underground cellars require no energy supply, relying instead on natural, ambient temperature control.


Community Matters

Not just our business, Ridgeview is our home. We play an active role in the community, supporting local and national charitable organisations and a wide range of initiatives to create a positive social impact for the world around us.

We champion our employees’ endeavours to support causes close to their heart. As a vibrant, diverse and dynamic team, we believe in a caring culture of social responsibility and run a number of charitable initiatives together as a team, like our staff raffles, foodbank donations and annual activity challenge, masterminded by our CEO, Tamara Roberts.


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Responsible business

We apply conscious energy and waste practices wherever we can. We use solar energy, sensor-activated lighting systems and LED bulbs to illuminate our outdoor facilities, and we use a Bio-Bubble treatment system to process all wastewater from across the estate.

We are making great strides forward in rainwater harvesting for grey water, a simple but fundamental change which will allow more sustainable management of onsite bathrooms, vineyard spraying and washing of our machinery, as well as watering the diverse plant-life across the estate.

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Progressive Employers

We are a family business and profoundly believe in treating everyone fairly, equally, with respect and encouragement. We are proud to support and comply with the Real Living Wage campaign and make sure our pay structures offer employees a wage that reflects their hard work and dedication.

We have implemented a gender pay analysis, support equality and diversity employment practices and are members of Disability Confident. We hold annual staff health and well-being check-ups in line with MSDC guidelines and follow a positive mental health programme.

Ridgeview Tours & Tastings

Tour our beautiful estate in the Sussex countryside and try a selection of our award-winning English sparkling wines.  And, there is no better way to round off your experience than a visit to our restaurant, The Rows & Vine.



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