Celebrating Gold for the Ridgeview Vineyard

Our vines are nearly 30 years old and have played an important role in the English wine story. Protecting and preserving them is our priority. Receiving the new Gold Award from Sustainable Wines of Great Britain (SWGB) is both rewarding and reassuring. It acknowledges our dedication to nurturing the vineyard and affirms that we are on the right path, doing the right things, with a clear road ahead for continuous improvement.

Gold Award, Sustainable Wines of Great Britain logo on a vineyard background
Matt Strugnell, Vineyard Manager standing amongst the vines smiling

Building a Legacy of Sustainability for English Wine

Established in 2020, SWGB aims to promote sustainability through a robust certification process and a vibrant community of like-minded producers. We have always believed in the importance of sustainable practices in the wine industry and are proud to be founder members of the scheme. SWGB’s gold award is a new level of recognition introduced in 2023, for producers who maintain and enhance their sustainability standards through subsequent audits.

“Long-term. Longevity. Sustained. That’s what we’re trying to achieve. Gaining our gold SWGB certification means that we can say with authority that our vineyard is sustainable – one that will keep doing the business for many years.”

Matt Strugnell, Vineyard Manager

Sustainable & Ethical Practices

Sustainability in Action: Highlights from our vineyard practises

The journey to achieving the Gold Award from SWGB has been marked by several key sustainability practices and innovations at Ridgeview. One of our primary focuses has been sustainable pruning methods. Under the guidance of Marco Simonit (a renowned pruning specialist) our vineyard manager, Matt Strugnell, has transformed our approach to winter vine care. This collaboration ensures that our vines are pruned in a way that promotes long-term health and productivity.

Maintaining year-round ground cover in the alleys and headlands of our mature vineyards helps to protect the soil from erosion, improve water retention, and promote biodiversity. This practice not only supports the health of our vines but also fosters a vibrant ecosystem within the vineyard. We actively monitor the range of plants in our vineyard alleys and headlands, ensuring a healthy and diverse ecosystem that benefits both the vineyard and the surrounding environment.

Reducing herbicide usage has also been a priority. Our vineyard has not been treated with herbicides for two years now, and the results have been remarkable. The vineyard looks healthier, and we have seen an increase in biodiversity with a diverse mix of plant species growing and fewer problem weeds. We have increased our organic soil matter to enhance fertility and structure. Soil health remains a key focus for the future.

Building a Sustainable Future

“We are very proud to celebrate the great achievement of the Ridgeview vineyard team. Re-certifying and achieving gold reflects the hard work of the team, together with our continued commitment to sustainability and improving the vineyard ecosystem.”

– Karen Bradshaw, Head of Compliance and Sustainability

As we look ahead, we remain dedicated to continuous improvement, ensuring that Ridgeview remains a beacon of sustainable winemaking for generations to come.


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