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Equality, diversity and inclusion is at the forefront of our business, and we value each individual based on their unique talent and perspective. Ridgeview is committed to creating an inclusive culture that respects and celebrates the diversity of our people. Our team is built on wide-ranging backgrounds, expertise and experiences and this is central to our success.

Tamara Roberts, CEO

Our CEO, Tamara Roberts, is a member of Wine GB’s Diversity and Inclusion Working Group whose mission is to proactively drive for an equal, accessible and diverse community in every corner of the UK Wine Industry.

Our own Diversity and Inclusion working group is dedicated to continuous monitoring and improvement and Ridgeview are committed to ensuring that our workplace truly reflects and supports the full spectrum of the diverse world that we are all a part of.

The importance of gender diversity is paramount at Ridgeview and we are proud that over 50% of our workforce identify as women; many are in roles where there is typically a lack of female representation, most notably with our CEO, Tamara Roberts, at the helm.

We strive to create a welcoming workplace in which all gender identities and expressions can thrive.

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Our rigorous recruitment practises ensure accessibility, objectivity and unbiased decision-making (from application through to employment). Ridgeview offers flexible working and part-time patterns. We are a real living wage employer and are committed to being a disability confident and menopause friendly business.


Our mission is for a working environment that meaningfully supports each and everyone to fulfil their truest potential.


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