Blending – A Taste of the 2022 Vintage

We caught up with Head Winemaker, Simon Roberts, on the art of blending and his hopes for the 2022 vintage

"Blending is one of my favourite times of year at Ridgeview...

It’s when we can truly be creative and put our stamp on the winemaking process. We are lucky to source fruit from all over southern England, each parcel from each vineyard across the country has it’s own unique flavour profile.

As much as you might try not to, it is difficult not to impart at least some of your character. Each of our wines tells a story.”


“The blending process is a lot like an artist’s palette. We start with a base for the wine, as a blank canvas, and add amounts from different varieties from different vineyards, gently layering up the complexities and profiles until we are happy with the blend.”

"Each year is different and the 2022 vintage was truly an exceptional one...

Due to the hot, dry summer the fruit was beautifully ripe and full of very concentrated flavours. I’m very excited to get started blending these vintage wines.

This year (a rare delight for a winemaker) every tank has something amazing to offer. We are making the very best of this extraordinary vintage and hope to have some wonderful wines to share with you, in time.”



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