Eight Festive Food Pairings to Savour this Christmas

The Ridgeview sparkle really comes into its own at this time of year. No Christmas party is complete without the sound of corks popping on bottles of England’s finest. But did you know that our wines are also fantastic companions to festive food? 

We’ve selected four wines from our range and paired them up with dishes of the season, to help you elevate this year’s festivities into foodie heaven. Some are classics and some may surprise, but one thing you can be sure about – the sparkling celebrations start here…


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Ridgeview English Sparkling Wine at Christmas


Cavendish is our traditional non-vintage blend with the balance, depth and structure to stand up to all sorts of bold food pairings. But there’s something to be said for keeping it simple too. Especially when keeping it simple tastes this good.

Sensational with Sussex charcuterie 

A board of succulent Sussex charcuterie. A chilled bottle of Cavendish. Tuck in and savour. The red-fruit roundness of the wine mingles beautifully with the dense flavours in the meat, while the purifying acidity cleanses the palate of all that fatty richness.

Connoisseurs will even note the harmony between the saltiness on the plate and the hallmark vein of Ridgeview salinity in the glass!

Bright and beautiful with Beetroot Carpaccio

For us, the not-so-humble beetroot is one of the underrated gastronomic treasures of this season. Earthy, delicately sweet and deliciously crunchy eaten fresh, it’s a winter veg to both celebrate and savour.

We love this carpaccio recipe – and we love it even more paired with Cavendish NV. The sweet tang of the marinated beetroot matches up perfectly with the zing in the glass, while the walnuts, rocket and rich dressing dovetail with the many layers in the wine.

A showpiece plant-based seasonal starter, so you can raise a glass to good health as well.

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Our late-disgorged Limited Edition spent five years on lees after its initial barrel fermentation. The result is an English sparkling wine unlike any other, one which adds a new dimension to pretty much everything on a Christmas dinner plate. 

Ridgeview Oak Reserve, English Sparkling Wine
Christmas roast with Ridgeview’s Oak Reserve

Turkey or goose? We’re partial to either, largely because both are brought to new heights when served next to a bottle of Ridgeview Oak Reserve.

The wine’s buttery texture pairs masterfully with the basted bird. The spiced fruit notes nuzzle up to the roasted vegetables. The zesty freshness pings like lashings of cranberry sauce. And the faintly smoky edge adds an inimitable air of winter to proceedings.

A culinary delight with Caramelised Tarte Tatin

You may not ordinarily pick a sparkling wine to go with sweet, but then Oak Reserve is no ordinary sparkling wine. Fermentation in old and new oak barrels plus extended lees ageing have imbued a symphony of flavours in our sparkling take on a Californian-style Chardonnay.

Among them are candied citrus peel, toffee, vanilla, sweet spices and caramelised butter. All of which explain why this wonder wine sits so snugly alongside a sweet, sticky sumptuousness of a tarte tatin (accompanied, of course, by the very finest Madagascan vanilla ice cream).

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Ridgeview Blanc de Noirs, English Sparkling Wine at Christmas

Ridgeview Blanc de Noirs

With spiced roast duck

We’ve got goose and turkey covered, but what about the third bird of Christmas? A roast duck always makes for a celebratory meal, especially slow-roasted whole coated in a blend of warming winter spices. It’s even better accompanied by a bottle of Ridgeview Blanc de Noirs.

Our latest release from the 2015 vintage was named Best Blanc de Noirs at the 2023 Wine GB Awards and its snappy red cherry and sweet spice notes harmonise gloriously with the duck’s deep and juicy flavours. The lingering acidity on the finish keeps mouths watering for that next delectable mouthful.

With sticky ginger aubergine

The complex palate and rich texture of our Blanc de Noirs open endless possibilities for creative food matches. But creative doesn’t have to mean complicated. We absolutely love it with this disarmingly simple but utterly delicious aubergine recipe.

This pairing is all about the balance between textures and flavours. Texturally, the rich and rounded mouthfeel of the wine marries up beautifully with the silken umami of the sticky, soy-infused aubergine. As for flavours, once again the magic is in the interplay of those warming spices. If you love the combination as much as we do, we recommend exploring the myriad joys of our Blanc de Noirs with different Asian cuisines.

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Ridgeview Sparkling Red Reserve at Christmas

Ridgeview Sparkling Red Reserve

With a British Cheese Board

No Christmas feast is complete without a British cheese board. And no British cheese board is complete without a chilled bottle of our groundbreaking Sparkling Red Reserve. (It isn’t just us calling it groundbreaking by the way: WineGB gave it the Pioneer Trophy at this year’s awards.)

Of course, Port and cheese is the classic combo, but all that richness can be cloying at the end of a big meal. This is where the Red Reserve’s fresh red-fruit vibrancy and peppery lift really come into their own. For a showcase of one of Sussex’s finest food pairings, be sure to add a wedge of Brighton Blue to your board.

With celeriac gratin

Celeriac is another of the veg well worth waiting until winter for. And nowhere are its nutty delights showcased better than roasted in a hearty gratin. This Yotam Ottolenghi example is, in its creator’s words, “the type of dish that comfort food dreams are made of”. 

It only gets more dreamy served with our Red Reserve, which retains its wild, earthy, ever-so-slightly truffly Pinot Noir roots. A chilled sparkling red next to a warming winter staple – unexpected certainly, but you’re in for a treat if you try it.

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We hope our list has given you some food for thought… and maybe one or two wine pairings to join your Christmas traditions for years to come. Wishing you and your loved ones all the best of the festive season, from all here at Ridgeview.

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