Introducing Ridgeview’s Late-Disgorged Oak Reserve

Ridgeview Wine Estate Oak reserve case of six English Sparkling wine

The Oak Reserve Story

First released in 2020 and hailed as a landmark English sparkling wine, the Ridgeview Oak Reserve captured the hearts of critics and wine enthusiasts alike. It was praised as a “a beautifully textured wine with heaps of charisma…stunning, unique, utterly divine” (Aidy Smith, Evening Standard).

Big, bold and unashamedly oaked, this was a wine that pulled no punches. But the Oak Reserve’s journey was far from over – Simon Roberts (Head Winemaker) had much more up his sleeve. We caught up with Simon, for an insider look at the highly anticipated second release of his statement English sparkling wine, The Ridgeview Oak Reserve.

Simon Roberts, The Ridgeview Oak Reserve

The Evolution of the Oak Reserve

“I always knew it would be an esoteric wine that really turned heads – that was part of its appeal. The first release was so well received but I knew that there was far more the Oak Reserve had to give. I wanted to explore what the ageing process could do to integrate the oak – how it could evolve, mellow and harmonise with the wine.”

Following an extra three years resting on lees (and a further six months on cork), the wine has subtly transformed. “The oak element has really softened,” says Simon “and the Chardonnay has much more of a voice. The oak still sings out, but as part of an ensemble; it’s far more harmonised with the wine.”

This new limited-edition, late-disgorged expression retains its hallmark oak influence, but is now a far more developed and complex English Sparkling wine. “The nose is beautifully rich, with hints of candied citrus peel and caramelised butter. There’s a smoky, complex palate with notes of vanilla, mace and spiced fruit.”

The Ridgeview Oak Reserve

Pushing the boundaries

For Simon, breaking new ground and expressing his artistic influence as a winemaker is a big part of what drives him: “We have a minimal intervention ethos at Ridgeview and there is great beauty in letting the wine speak for itself. But for the Oak Reserve, there is more opportunity to leave a creative imprint and shape the character of the wine. The whole journey of the Oak Reserve is dedicated to craftsmanship. From the cooper who makes and toasts the barrels to the blending and ageing, the Oak Reserve is an artisanal wine.”

Striving for excellence and a pioneering instinct has always been part of Ridgeview’s DNA. To achieve that, Simon tells us, “you have to be open to new ideas and look beyond the expected. As a family business, we have the freedom to try new things and explore different winemaking practices that aren’t necessarily used in sparkling wine. There are ideas we’ve trialled in the past that are now used as standard at Ridgeview – that’s what experimentation is all about.”


“I could chat endlessly about the Oak Reserve” says Simon, “there’s so much to tell.” One of the most interesting aspects is its identity in the global winemaking landscape, it’s difficult to place. “If you were to blind taste it, I doubt many would name it as an English sparkling wine. It’s totally unique and we’re proud that it stands alone.”

Simon’s passion is infectious, as he shares the personal influences that have shaped the Ridgeview Oak Reserve: “It’s such a special wine for me and for Ridgeview – the culmination of my entire journey as a winemaker so far.” There is a new world influence from Simon’s time in Australia, crafting full-bodied wines with pronounced fruit flavours. And then there’s the unmistakable old-world element, as Simon explains:

“My time spent with Jean-Manuel Jacquinot (Champagne Jacquinot & Fils) and Pierre-Yves Bournerias (Oenology Institute in Champagne) plays a big part in the Oak Reserve’s story. They were great mentors to my father and I. The legacy of their generosity continues to shape my winemaking approach. The Oak Reserve honours of all these influences, combined with my experience as a winemaker in England.”

“The Oak Reserve is an homage to the historic traditions of winemaking, and opens up new horizons for the future of English sparkling wine.”

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