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If you’re a fan of sparkling wine, then chances are you’ve savoured a glass (or two…) of a Blanc de Blancs Champagne. But what about an English expression of this celebrated style of sparkling wine? Whilst its origins lie in the Champagne region, it’s no secret that England is now synonymous with some of the best Blanc de Blancs around. So what makes an English Blanc de Blancs so special?

Through the lens of our global award-winning sparkling wine, here’s what you need to know about English Blanc de Blancs, Ridgeview style…

Ridgeview Wine Estate, English Sparkling Wine

1. What is Blanc de Blancs?

Born in the Champagne region, the term Blanc de Blancs translates as ‘white of whites’. Simply put, it means white wine produced from white grapes (traditionally of the Chardonnay variety).

This delicate style of sparkling wine is all about purity and finesse. Delicate yet refreshingly bright, Blanc de Blancs is characterised by its crisp acidity, elegant balance and a fresh, fruit-forward flavour palate.

Whilst some winemakers have experimented with different white grape varieties, Ridgeview’s English Blanc de Blancs respects tradition, made exclusively from the finest Chardonnay fruit from our home vineyard in Sussex.

Ridgeview Wine Estate English Sparkling Wine


One Grape | One Vintage | One Estate

Produced from selected parcels of a single grape variety, grown in a single estate in one exceptional vintage year, our Blanc de Blancs is the purest expression of the Ridgeview terroir. It captures the tale of one remarkable year in the Ridgeview vineyard, home to some of the oldest Chardonnay vines in England.

The maturity of our heritage vines gives a unique complexity to the juice, creating a deeply layered and textured Blanc de Blancs. Our estate’s proximity to the sea, just 12 miles from the coast, brings a mouth-watering, savoury salinity to the back palate which balances beautifully with the crisp acidity associated with the world’s best Blanc de Blancs.

Paying homage to our vines, our estate and our history, Ridgeview Blanc de Blanc is a pure and authentic reflection of our sense of place, our style and our story.

3. The Royal Blanc de Blancs Treatment

If you like your sparkling wine to come with a royal seal of approval, then look no further than Ridgeview Blanc de Blancs. Discover the memorable moments in royal history when our English Blanc de Blancs was served:

Ridgeview Wine Estate, English Sparkling Wine


Famously food-friendly, Blanc de Blancs is your dream dinner party guest. Oysters or seafood with a squeeze of lemon is a winning combination for good reason: the fresh maritime flavours match beautifully with the acidity and saline minerality of this celebrated style of sparkling wine.

But for something a little more adventurous, Head Winemaker Simon Roberts, suggests Thai food or Asian flavours: the hint of spice and umami notes make this a mouth-watering match.

When it comes to food pairing, Blanc de Blanc invites experimentation and creativity. “You do you” as they say…

Ridgeview Wine Estate, English Sparkling Wine

“It’s such a versatile English sparkling wine that brings something different to every occasion. It doesn’t have to be Dover Sole in a fancy fine dining restaurant. There’s nothing quite like sharing Fish and Chips on the beach with your friends and family, sipping a cool glass of Blancs de Blancs.”

Simon Roberts, Head Winemaker

Ridgeview Wine Estate, English Sparkling Wine


Compelling and complex, Ridgeview’s Blanc de Blancs enjoys the luxury of long lees-ageing in our underground cellar on the Ridgeview estate. Time, passion and patience are key ingredients in achieving the highest quality sparkling wine.

Beautifully expressive from the day of release, Ridgeview Blanc de Blancs will continue to develop and delight in different ways throughout its life. Further cork ageing can add a whole new dimension to the wine’s depth, complexity and flavour profile that promises to be well worth the wait.

So if you’re looking for a wine to age gracefully over time, then Blanc de Blancs is hands-down the sparkling wine to go for.

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Blanc de Blancs is best served with great company in great places and the Royal Opera House hits the high notes on both accounts. There’s nothing quite like sipping a chilled glass of Blanc de Blancs on their Piazza terrace, soaking up the sights and sounds of this iconic destination in the heart of London’s Covent Garden.


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