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Ridgeview is a business dedicated to the health of the planet, the wellbeing of our employees and the trust of our customers. We simply believe in doing better business with a vision to achieving B Corp status by 2022.

Our ambitions to lead the way in sustainable and ethical business practices, means that we are committed to making every step along the journey – from vine to glass – efficient, ethical, and ecologically positive.

We have achieved several of our self-initiated sustainability goals in recent years and continue to make positive changes.

We focus on 4 pillars of responsible practice:



In our vineyard and winery we are making continuous improvements to our practices, setting new standards for sustainable growing and production. This includes cover crop bio-diversity, improving soil structure as well as encouraging natural grape pests and reducing use of herbicides. In addition, our under-ground wine cellars require no energy supply, instead relying on natural, ambient temperature control.

We have also completed the light-weighting of our packaging, removing any surplus glass from the bottle that makes it heavier than it needs to be. This not only saves resources in glass manufacturing but also in postage, both in weight charges and cost to our customers.

Click here to read Ridgeview’s 2022 Environmental Commitments Statement.


We apply conscious energy practices, using solar energy, sensor-activated lighting systems and LED bulbs to illuminate our outdoor facilities, including our visitors parking areas. Across our estate, we use a Bio-Bubble wastewater treatment system to process all waste – including that from our winery, offices and domestic buildings.

We are making great progress towards rainwater harvesting for grey water, which will allow us to more sustainably manage onsite bathrooms, vineyard spraying, cleaning and washing of our machinery as well as watering our diverse plant-life across the estate.


We are proud to support & comply with the Real Living Wage campaign and have made sure our pay structures realistically offer employees a wage that reflects their hard work, loyalty and dedication. We have undertaken and implemented a gender pay analysis, support equality and diversity employment practices and are members of Disability Confident. Annually we hold staff health and well-being check-ups in line with MSDC guidelines.

We follow a positive mental health programme, training all staff and nominating qualified mental health first aiders.
For us, as a family business, we believe in the principles
of treating everyone equally and fairly.


Ridgeview proudly supports social, corporate and education initiatives within the wider community. We sponsor Sussex Cricket Club and a variety of foundation sporting clubs in Burgess Hill. Ridgeview are very active members of the wider business community across Sussex. Our contribution was recognised with Tamara Roberts, Ridgeview CEO, named as Sussex Businessperson of the Year in 2019.

We foster close links with neighbouring Plumpton Winemaking College and have employed many graduates. We also take a wider interest in the local initiatives by local secondary schools in promoting our industry and working with the University of Sussex. We provide charitable support across many national and local initiatives. We love nothing better than to give back when we can.

As pioneers in our industry, we proactively support several local and nationwide businesses, groups and bodies, counting among them the following organisations:


Wines GB
Sussex Wineries
University of Sussex Business School
Table Talk Charity
Wines GB Sustainability


Winemaking, Viticultural & Marketing Wines GB
Wines GB South East
Plumpton College Curriculum Advisory
Sussex PA Network
Sussex Wineries
Burgess Hill Business Parks Association


Sussex Cricket Club
Burgess Hill Cricket, Rugby & Football Clubs